Innocent until proven guilty? Not in Colorado and not when it comes to your constitutional second amendment rights!

This bigoted, hateful, and mean spirited mesure has to be stopped in Colorado or it is possible that it could spead even further. This is a ken to the civil rights movement of the 1900’s and beyond. If they can do this firearm owners and purchasers who will be next?

The Colorado House of Representatives is currently considering legislation that would that would solidify an unconstitutional provision in the state’s background check system.

House Bill 1391, sponsored by State Representative Joe Rice (D-38), would extend a provision in state law that was due to sunset in July 2010. The provision the bill extends would deny gun purchases to those with an arrest on their record, even if they were never convicted. This deny-on-arrest provision would remove a constitutional right to own a firearm based on an arrest (an accusation), NOT a conviction. It directly conflicts with the fundamental American doctrine of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Because the disposition of an arrest record isn’t always available, the burden of proof falls on gun buyers to prove they are eligible to purchase a firearm. In many cases, this costs these individuals thousands of dollars of their own money to prove their innocense.

The bill has been scheduled for a hearing on Monday, April 12, in the House Judiciary Committee. Please call members of the committee and respectfully urge them to vote against HB 1391 and this unconstitutional attack on the Second Amendment rights of Colorado citizens. Contact information can be found below.

State Representative Claire Levy (D-13), Chair
Phone: (303) 866-2578

State Representative Beth McCann (D-8), Vice Chair
Phone: (303) 866-2959

State Representative Lois Court (D-6)
Phone: (303) 866-2967

State Representative Bob Gardner (R-21)
Phone: (303) 866-2191

State Representative Daniel Kagan (D-3)
Phone: (303) 866-2921

State Representative Steve King (R-54)
Phone: (303) 866-3068

State Representative Joe Miklosi (D-9)
Phone: (303) 866-2910

State Representative B.J. Nikkel (R-49)
Phone: (303) 866-2907

State Representative Sal Pace (D-46)
Phone: (303) 866-2968

State Representative Su Ryden (D-36)
Phone: (303) 866-2942

State Representative Mark Waller (R-15)
Phone: (303) 866-5525